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IAST/Contextual scanning for Ruby-on-Rails (and Rack in general)

Hello all,   Some time ago I announced the arrival of IAST scanning for Rack-based (such as Ruby-on-Rails, Sinatra, etc.) web applications. The feature is now here and I'd like to demo it for you. We have our application, in this case a Sinatra one, and it goes like: As you can see, scnr/introspector has been required and made use of. Now we run a scan with no additional options or configuration: ./bin/scnr http://localhost:4567/ [...] [+] Web Application Security Report - SCNR::Engine Framework [~] Report generated on: 2024-01-08 09:59:13 +0200 [+] System settings: [~] --------------- [~] Version:           1.0dev [~] Seed:...

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