Qmap: A F/OSS distributed network mapper/security scanner.

Qmap:  A F/OSS distributed network mapper/security scanner.

Hello all,

I'd like to announce the beginning of a new F/OSS project, called Qmap.

Qmap is a distributed network mapper/security scanner based on nmap, with backing from Cuboid for its distributed features.

The way Qmap currently works is as follows:

  • A ping scan is performed on the given IP range(s).
  • Live hosts are identified.
  • Hosts are split into groups.
  • Different Grid Instances scan each group in parallel.

By being supported by Cuboid, Qmap boasts RPC and REST APIs, so integration is dead simple.

As you can see, Ecsypno has started to delve into network security waters as well, eventually heading towards a complete scanning solution, combining WebAppSec and NetSec.

Qmap is brand new so there are bound to be a few bugs and inconsistencies, please do report them if you come across any. :)

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